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ThinkGear Connector

The ThinkGear Connector (TGC) runs as a background process on your computer and is responsible for directing headset data from the serial port to an open network socket. It is available on both Windows and OS X. Any language or framework that contains a socket library should be able to communicate with it. TGC is an ideal option for developers working in frameworks like Adobe Flash.

  • Windows and OS X executables
  • Uses socket APIs
  • Ideal for scripting languages like Flash / Python / Ruby


Latest Builds

Windows (XP, Vista, 7) TGC Windows (requires .NET Framework 4.0)
Mac OS X TGC Mac

Quick Start Guide to Using the TGC

  1. Download and install the ThinkGear Connector
  2. Read the TGC User's Guide
  3. Start the TGC and connect it to a headset
  4. Read the TGC Developement Guide and ThinkGear Socket Protocol
  5. Open a socket connection from your program to the TGC
  6. Read data from the socket connection
  7. Decode the data as described in the ThinkGear Socket Protocol


  • For Linux developers, 3rd-party developers have created a ThinkGear Emulator. Please note that NeuroSky cannot provide support for 3rd-party software, please contact the 3rd-party developers directly for support.

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