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Application Standards


NeuroSky’s EEG headsets, such as the MindWave and the MindWave Mobile are sophisticated devices that bridge your mind to a host of devices and applications. Sophisticated electronic devices demand a clear and universally understandable interface. A solid interface helps users feel comfortable with new technology.

The NeuroSky Application Standards outlines how you as the application developer can effectively communicate the status of our technology to your users. These standards set consistency across software that utilizes our technology. Together, we can enable users to have the best possible experience.

NeuroSky understands the importance of flexibility and freedom in design. At the same time, by maintaining an uniform visual language, we raise the bar of all applications that we help distribute and promote.

Third-Party applications fall into three categories. Product Pack-In, NeuroSky App Store and Third-Party Stores. Product Pack-In are third party developed applications included on a physical CD bundled with a NeuroSky EEG headset. These complete packages are sold at retail, online, and through distributors around the world. NeuroSky's App Store is our website’s storefront for software compatible with our headsets. Lastly, Third-Party Stores could include iTunes, Android, and storefronts outside of the NeuroSky domain. Our Primary Standards are required elements for applications included at the Pack-In Application level. Secondary Standards are highly encouraged for NeuroSky App Store and Third-Party Store distribution.

Primary Standards:

  1. Signal Status Indicators
  2. Application Introduction
  3. Ease of Translation
  4. Instructions

I. Signal Status Indicators

The most important standard to follow for applications that utilize NeuroSky’s technology is the Signal Status Indicator. NeuroSky’s new standard for Signal Status Indicators are these three principle icons. Think of them like a stoplight signal to help users know if the headsets is connected.

1. Connected

2. Not Connected

3. Fitting, Please wait

The purpose of the signal status indicator is to provide just the necessary amount of information to the user. Our technology is made for users of all skill levels. If there is any additional debugging information that can be useful to the user, they will find it in the appropriate message from NeuroSky’s ThinkGear Connector or from their mobile device's Bluetooth connection.

Icon Location: The indicator should be set at the top right of your screen. It should be a constant indicator throughout all parts of your application when the headset is being used as part of the experience. The images are included as larger sized PNG files that can be scaled as appropriate to your specific application design.

II. Application Introduction

It is highly important to establish uniformity and objectives in the opening of the application. A lead-in screen underlines the usage of NeuroSky technology. An instruction screen will enable an overview of the application’s usage.

A. All Applications that are a part of a Pack-In will initialize with the NeuroSky Lead-in screen and then go directly into the game, without additional nameplates.

B. Under the Main Menu, you must have an instructions option that will open to a brief overview of the application.

III. Ease of Translation

NeuroSky has partners throughout the world. Users in these geographies have a need for a fully translated application language experience. To simplify this step and to increase access app monetization, your program should be designed for expedient translation.

NeuroSky constantly looks for new collaborative opportunities that will further your returns as a developer. Being able to effectively meet these global demands is vital. Your programs should include either alternate language selections in the program or a datasheet of translated terms that can be rapidly compiled to create alternate language versions.

Translation should be considered from the beginning of application development. The shorter the lead-time, the more beneficial your app will be as part of these international bundles.

To help NeuroSky facilitate the translation of your development project, we recommend you plan towards a document in English of all dialogue/terms in the entire application. This should preferably be in the form of a data sheet (ie. XML) where assistance can be made to replace the values with translations and re-compile as necessary.

IV. Instructions

All pack-in applications should include an instruction manual as well as a review the basics of your application in less than 10 pages. The documents should be cleanly formatted, with clear headings and subheadings that review the basics of your application in more detail than the in-game instructions. An appropriate amount of in-game screenshots should be included.

Also, these documents should be provided to NeuroSky in an editable format, such as DOC, so that NeuroSky can version control and enable translations.

Template instruction manuals are available and we fully extend our help to help you maintain your documentation.