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If you are planning to work with the MindWave Mobile headset, start by downloading the installers from the product page available here: MindWave Mobile Installers

Participants can use this development tracker for the Orbit:


You will find a wiki with some brief documentation, as well as an online source code browser, ticketing system for any problems they encounter, source file downloads, etc.

Github: git clone puzzlebox.info/orbit

Forum: http://puzzlebox.info/forum/

PC / Mac Projects

A great way to develop a project is to utilize our Unity3D Package, available here: Unity3D Package

This version is compatible with the free version of Unity3D here.

We also have older past projects that can be modified. Speed Math Project

Visualizer Project

Mobile Toolsets




MindFlex Hack http://frontiernerds.com/brain-hack

One of the earliest hacks to be published, this set of instructions explained how to modify a MindFlex toy to output brainwave information through to an Arduino. This made sense when our earliest developer headsets cost $200.

Today, you can simply modify one of the RF boards on a MindWave or connect a MindWave Mobile to an Arduino board through a BlueSmirf.

Electrifying Results http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kofSYRB-vh4

Ostensibly, the next step after hacking into a MindFlex was to turn it into a torture device. Stay focused or get shocked.

Processing Visualizer http://eric-blue.com/2011/07/13/neurosky-brainwave-visualizer/

The Arduino uses the open source language Processing. Some of the work related to arduino development was extended into a PC version of the brainwave band visualization.

Brain Blinker - Make Magazine http://blog.makezine.com/2011/05/10/behind-the-brain-blinker/ Make Magazine published an article on hacking. The original article was not published online, but is available in issue 26.

MindBullets – Nerf Gun Hack http://hex-machina.com/hw/mindbullets Fire bullets… with your Mind! This clever hack enables you to modify one of the battery powered Nerf guns.

Research Study http://lifebyexperimentation.com/2011/04/experiment-setup-studydrugs/ One user started an experiment to monitor changes in his body and mood based upon daily drug consumption. Hacks do not have to be just hardware and software. This “body hack” takes a cue from the quantified self-movement and is largely research driven.

App Notes and Tutorials (by ThinkGear API) ThinkGear Connector (TGC) ThinkGear Connector is a socket server for both Windows and Mac. It allows you to take the stream of information from the headset (connected via Bluetooth or RF Dongle) and output it through a socket. This enables your application to read in the

301 Moved Permanently

301 Moved Permanently