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What is TGCD?

Who is TGCD for?

Sample Code/Tutorials

ThinkGear Connection Driver

The ThinkGear Connection Driver (TGCD) is a native Windows and OS X library that handles all the “heavy lifting” of interacting with a MindSet, from setting up the connection to interpreting the data stream received from the MindSet. The API exposed by TGCD is extremely simple.

TGCD is distributed as a .DLL (for Windows) and a .bundle (for OS X), making it suitable for applications written in C or C derivatives (i.e. C++, C#, or Objective-C).

  • Windows and OS X binaries
  • Compiled library (.DLL / .bundle)
  • Good for C / C++ / C# / Objective-C
  • Easy-to-use APIs

API Quick Reference