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MindWave and Arduino

MindWave and Arduino: Tutorial Version 1 More advanced, more “hacking”


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Python & NeuroSky headsets

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The Solution

The solution developed by Puzzlebox consisted of six computer systems, linked over a local wireless network, with four laptops reading data from NeuroSky MindWave EEG headsets and providing a personalized graphical user interface for each user, one system displaying a master control panel to monitor the overall system and provide an emergency manual override, and the sixth acting as a central control server. The control server receives movement commands from each of the client systems and translates those requests into digital signal states on an Arduino prototyping board.

Display Interface

  • Concentration is measured and displayed in real­time
  • An interface is personalized and presented to each user, with a variable control threshold matched to their individual skill level and task
  • When concentration levels reaches that threshold, the progress bar changes color from red to green and the command for the currently­selected activity is send to the crane through the control server
  • Blink detection is performed to permit hands­free swapping between activities
  • By selecting the “Stop” command a user can ensure their concentration levels will not accidentally move the crane
  • A connection meter indicates device contact quality and signal strength

Control Panel

  • Communications to the Arduino hardware can be perform directly, bypassing the control server
  • Measurements of user concentration, relaxation, and device contact and signal strength are charted in real­time
  • A power meter displays when the user's control threshold is reached
  • Raw EEG signals are graphed and displayed on screen ● An EEG source selection option can be directed to a local or remote ThinkGear Connect capable socket server, such as Puzzlebox Synapse

Please refer to code examples linked above to duplicate this project.

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