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Quick Start Guide to the Developer Tools

Welcome to the Developer Tools for NeuroSky's brainwave reading technology.

Get Connected

MindWave: Download the driver and prerequisite package from the disc or from the developer's website. Install and Connect the device by following the user guide.

MindWave Mobile: Pair and connect the device by following the user guide.

*For connecting problems, please check your battery level and refer to the user guide for troubleshooting.

For .Net Developer

  1. *From Visual Studio, choose File → New → Project From Existing Code…
  2. Project type: Visual C#
  3. Project path: ThinkGear SDK for .NET\Sample Project\HelloEEG
  4. Project name: HelloEEG
  5. Output type: Console Application
  6. From toolbar Project → HelloEEG Properties and set Target framework to .NET Framework 3.5
  7. Right click on Reference from Solution Explorer and choose Add Reference
  8. Choose “Browse” Tab and add ThinkGear.dll from HelloEEG/neurosky into the project
  9. Remove Microsoft.CSharp reference if there is a warning

*For VS Express users, unzip from the project directory. Choose “Open project” and open HelloEEG.csproj.

For details, please refer to thinkgear.net_sdk_dev_guide_and_api_reference.pdf in /ThinkGear SDK for .NET/

For Mac Developer

  1. From Xcode, choose “Open Other…”.
  2. Browse through ThinkGear SDK for Mac\Sample Projects\HelloEEG and Open it.
  3. Import ThinkGear.framework from ThinkGear SDK for Mac/lib into the project.

For details, please refer to mac_development_guide.pdf in /ThinkGear SDK for Mac/

Quick API Reference

void Connect(string portName) Attempts to open a connection with the port name specified by portName.
void ConnectScan() Attempts to open a connection to the first Device seen by the Connector.
void ConnectScan(string portName) Same as ConnectScan but scans the port specified by portName first.
void Discount() Closes all open connections.
void Disconnect(Connection connection) Close a specific connection specified by Connection.
void Disconnect(Device device) Close a specific device specified by Device.
void Send(string portName, byte[byteToSend) Send an array of bytes to a specific port.
void enableMentalEffort() DEPRECATED Starts recording data for 60 sec. Once the recording is complete, the Mental Effort will be calculated.
void enableFamiliarity() DEPRECATED Starts recording data for 60 sec. Once the recording is complete, the Familiarity will be calculated.
DeviceFound Occurs when a ThinkGear device is found.
DeviceNotFound Occurs when a ThinkGear device could not be found.
DeviceValidating Occurs right before the connector attempts a special port.
DeviceConnected Occurs when a ThinkGear device is connected.
DeviceConnectFail Occurs when the Connector fails to connect to that port specified.
DeviceDisconnected Occurs when the Connector disconnects from a ThinkGear device.
DataReceived Occurs when data is available from a ThinkGear Device.
TGParser Class
Dictionary<string, double>[] Read(DataRow[] dataRow) Parses the raw headset data in dataRow and returns a dictionary of usable data.