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-====== Which API is right for me? ====== 
-Within our Developer Tools for PC/Mac, there are multiple methods to connect to our headsets. These methods differ based on the platform(s) you'd like to work with and the language(s) you'd like to code with: 
-=== 1. ThinkGear Connector (TGC) ===  
-Runs as a background program, allowing your program to get ThinkGear data from a standard TCP/IP socket 
-  * **easiest** (The TGC daemon app provides UI for setting up and maintaining the COM port connection to the headset for you) 
-  * Platforms: Any platform that can communicate through **sockets** (The TGC daemon program itself must run on a **Windows** or **Mac OSX** system though) 
-  * Languages: **Flash**, or any language that can communicate through **sockets** (which includes almost all popular programming languages) 
-[[thinkgear_connector_tgc|Documentation Link]] 
-=== 2. ThinkGear Communications Driver (TGCD) for Various Languages ===  
-Link a shared library: .dll or .bundle 
-  * **moderate** (You have to call functions from the shared library) 
-  * Platforms: **Windows**,​ **Mac OSX**, **Windows Mobile**, or any platform that can use functions from a **.dll** or **.bundle** 
-  * Languages: **C/C++**, **C#**, **Java (through JNI)**, or any language that can call shared library functions 
-A J2ME .jar library 
-  * **moderate** (You have to call functions from the .jar library, and only for J2ME platforms) 
-  * Platforms: **J2ME** 
-  * Languages: **Java** 
-=== 3. ThinkGear Communications Protocol === 
-Specification Document 
-  * **harder** (You have to open and read from the serial I/O port, and then parse the incoming data stream) 
-  * Platforms: **Any platform** that can open and read from a serial I/O (or UART) port 
-  * Languages: **Any language** that can open and read from a serial I/O port 
-=== NeuroSkyLab === 
-Included with the Research Tools 
-Matlab programming 
-  * **specialized** (This API allows you to program within the Matlab framework) 
-  * Platforms: Any platform that can run **Matlab** 
-  * Languages: **Matlab programming language** 
-====== More Information ====== 
-Remember to look in the Developers Guide in the MDT for more info about your chosen API. 
-If you //still// have a question about which API will be right for you and your application,​ please describe your envisioned application to us through our [[http://​support.neurosky.com|Support Site]] or [[[email protected]|send us an email]]. 

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