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-====== ThinkGear ====== 
-ThinkGear™ is the technology inside every NeuroSky product or partner product that enables the device to interface with the wearers’ brainwaves. It includes: 
-  * the sensor that touches the forehead, ​ 
-  * the contact and reference points located on the ear pad, and 
-  * the onboard chip that processes all of the data.  
-{{ :​asic1.gif?​121|}} 
-Both the raw brainwaves and the eSense Meters (Attention and Meditation) are calculated on the ThinkGear™ chip.  The calculated values are output by the ThinkGear chip, through the headset, to a PC. 
-Types of data output from ThinkGear chips: 
-  * **Raw sampled wave values** (128Hz or 512Hz, depending on hardware) 
-  * Signal **poor quality** metrics 
-  * **eSense Attention and Meditation** meter values 
-  * **EEG band power** values for delta, theta, alpha, beta, and gamma 
-  * and more... (some hardware models only) 
-====== Headsets ====== 
-The ThinkGear technology (as an ASIC or module) is embedded into different types of headsets. ​ NeuroSky currently sells the [[MindWaveMobile|MindWave Mobile]], the MindWave, and the MindSet headsets. 
-===== MindSet ===== 
-{{:​mindset.png?​65 |MindSet headset}} 
-The **MindSet** is no longer available. ​ 
-This was our first consumer-developer released headset. It contains a **ThinkGear ASIC** chip.  It streams data from the ThinkGear chip over a Bluetooth connection to any computer that can receive a Bluetooth serial stream (SPP). ​ It also comes with standard Bluetooth A2DP audio and microphone capabilities. 
-===== MindWave ===== 
-{{http://​cdn.shopify.com/​s/​files/​1/​0031/​6882/​products/​MindWave_large_compact.png|MindWave Headset}} 
-===== MindWave Mobile ===== 
-{{http://​cdn.shopify.com/​s/​files/​1/​0031/​6882/​products/​MWM_WhiteBG_300x300_compact.jpg?​|MindWave Mobile headset}} 

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