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Creator: Christian Lucas
Advisor: Assistant Professor Albert Chen
Summer 2010

Setting up:
Installed Torque3D Visual Studio March 2010 DirectX SDK neuroSky thinkgear Win32 Api

Compiling the engine source:

  1. Make a new project through the torque3d software
  2. Navigate to the project folder from within Visual Studios of the torque3d project that was made
  3. Compile solution, and if the environment was set up correctly, it should compile without errors.
  4. If not, then make sure to add the directX library to the resources of Visual Studios.
  5. Tools> options > Project and Solutions > VC++ directories:
  6. Make sure the dX library folder is added for Library Files and Include files
  7. Once the environment is working, add the neroSky thinkgear library files.
  8. Tools> options > Project and Solutions > VC++ directories: Make sure the thinkgear library folder is added for Library Files and Include files
  9. Add the .h files and the .cpp files to the folder that has “project’s name/.dll” by clicking “add existing files”
  10. Torque3D should compile with the thinkgear source.






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