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-Credit: \\  
-Creator: Christian Lucas \\ 
-Advisor: Assistant Professor Albert Chen \\ 
-Summer 2010 \\ 
-ESAL \\ 
-Setting up: \\ 
-Visual Studio 
-March 2010 DirectX SDK 
-neuroSky thinkgear Win32 Api 
-Compiling the engine source: 
-  - Make a new project through the torque3d software 
-  - Navigate to the project folder from within Visual Studios of the torque3d project that was made  
-  - Compile solution, and if the environment was set up correctly, it should compile without errors. 
-  - If not, then make sure to add the directX library to the resources of Visual Studios. 
-  - Tools> options > Project and Solutions > VC++ directories: ​ 
-  - Make sure the dX library folder is added for Library Files and Include files 
-  - Once the environment is working, add the neroSky thinkgear library files. 
-  - Tools> options > Project and Solutions > VC++ directories:​ Make sure the thinkgear library folder is added for Library Files and Include files 
-  - Add the .h files and the .cpp files to the folder that has “project’s name/​.dll” by clicking “add existing files” 
-  - Torque3D should compile with the thinkgear source. ​ 

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