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ThinkCap 1.0 SDK Support

Important Info

  • The ThinkCap 1.0 SDK is currently a Beta product.


  • Q: The ThinkCap 1.0 headset is too small. Is there any way to make it bigger?
  • A: Brain Net offers medium/large size nets. Please visit http://_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ to purchase a larger net. To replace the net, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.
  • Q: How accurate are the sensor positions?
  • A: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.
  • Q: In MindView, how do I view all 8 channels?
  • A: Use the scrollbar to view two channels at a time.





Additional Support

If your issue is not addressed above, please contact your Sales Representative, visit, or email, and mention the name of your product is ThinkCap 1.0 SDK.

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