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 {{:​mindwave_arduino_leds.pdf|}} {{:​mindwave_arduino_leds.pdf|}}
-MindWave and Arduino: Tutorial Version 2 +
-Through the computer and ThinkGear Connector +
-This is a summary of a larger project. The core task was to link a MindWave through a computer to an Arduino. ​+
 Also useful are these third party examples that could be useful for you: Also useful are these third party examples that could be useful for you:
 [[https://​github.com/​akloster/​python-mindwave|Python & NeuroSky headsets]] [[https://​github.com/​akloster/​python-mindwave|Python & NeuroSky headsets]]
 [[https://​github.com/​guanix/​processing-neurosky|Processing & NeuroSky headsets]] [[https://​github.com/​guanix/​processing-neurosky|Processing & NeuroSky headsets]]

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