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-====== MindSet - International ====== 
-A resource for international MindSet manuals, guides, and applications. 
-===== Quick Start Guide ===== 
-{{:​quickstart.pdf|Quick Start PDF}} 
-===== Instruction Manuals ===== 
-{{:​mindset_instruction_manual.pdf|English PDF}} 
-{{:​mindset_instruction_manual_cn.pdf|Chinese PDF}} 
-{{:​mindset_instruction_manual_jp.pdf|Japanese PDF}} 
-===== CD ===== 
-The CD can be downloaded in the following components: 
-  *[[http://​store.neurosky.com/​products/​visualizer-2-0|BrainWave Visualizer]] 
-  *[[http://​store.neurosky.com/​products/​the-adventures-of-neuroboy-bci-technology-demo|Adventures of NeuroBoy]] 
-  *[[http://​download.neurosky.com/​neurosky/​BluetoothDriver.v7.00.11.zip|Bluetooth Driver]] (not required for Mac users) 
-==== Mac Installer ==== 
-If you have Mac OS X 10.8.2 "​Mountain Lion" or newer, please download and install the following bundle instead of the CD included in the product package: 
-  * [[http://​download.neurosky.com/​updates/​v2.02/​MindSet.dmg]] 
-===== Questions? ===== 
-If you have any questions, please take a look at our [[http://​support.neurosky.com/​kb|support page]]. 

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