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-====== I Want To Compile Something NOW! ====== 
-For a proper process, we strongly encourage you to follow the instructions for [[Casual Developers]]. ​ However, if you really prefer to jump in headfirst: 
-  - **[[http://​store.neurosky.com/​products/​mindset-development-tools|Download the free MDT]]** and **[[http://​store.neurosky.com|purchase a MindSet]]** (remember, there is a 21-day risk-free return policy!) 
-  - Open up the MDT and follow the step-by-step instructions in **tgcd/​win32/​README.txt** to create a BCI-enabled Visual Studio project. 
-  - Check in [[App Notes and Tutorials]] to see what else you can try. 
-  - When you receive your MindSet in the mail, **play around with it** and the demo software included with it.  Then try it with the test program(s) you built in Step 2. 
-If you feel like getting serious about developing applications and games for the MindSet, feel free to jump over to the [[Casual Developers]] or [[Professional Developers]] track at any time! 

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