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   * [[thinkgear_connector_tgc|ThinkGear Connector]]   * [[thinkgear_connector_tgc|ThinkGear Connector]]
   * Adobe Flash CS4 Professional   * Adobe Flash CS4 Professional
-  * [[http://code.google.com/p/​as3corelib/​|as3corelib]]+  * [[https://github.com/mikechambers/​as3corelib/​downloads|as3corelib]]
     * {{:​app_notes:​helloeeg1:​helloeeg-110421.zip|Project Files for HelloEEG!}}     * {{:​app_notes:​helloeeg1:​helloeeg-110421.zip|Project Files for HelloEEG!}}

About NeuroSky

NeuroSky technologies enable the most insightful and easy-to-understand health and wellness biometrics for mobile solutions, wearable devices, and service providers. The company’s proprietary, market-leading biosensor technologies provide a foundation for analyzing biometric data in a way that’s never before been practical. NeuroSky-enabled solutions deliver unique insights into body and mind health and wellness that can motivate people to make better lifestyle choices.