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 **\\ **\\
 Addition of ThinkGear SDK for Mac OSX and .NET\\ Addition of ThinkGear SDK for Mac OSX and .NET\\
-Inclusion of App Standards and related images.+Inclusion of Application ​Standards and related images. 
 +Documentation update
 **Version 2.1: \\ **Version 2.1: \\
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   * See ''​ThinkGear Communications Driver/​j2me/​javadoc/​index.html''​ for documentation.   * See ''​ThinkGear Communications Driver/​j2me/​javadoc/​index.html''​ for documentation.
-====== Serial Stream ======+====== ​ThinkGear ​Serial Stream ​SDK ======
 ===== General Development (All Other Platforms, Including Microcontrollers) ===== ===== General Development (All Other Platforms, Including Microcontrollers) =====

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