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-====== Casual Software or Firmware/​Microcontroller Developer ====== 
-If you're a developer with a tight budget or just heard about the BCI technology and just want to try things out, follow the easy steps below. ​ Within about 20 minutes, you'll have enough of an understanding to begin BCI programming (**bookmark this page** as your entry page for reference, and always **START on this page** on future visits, and **come BACK to this page** after you finish each step!): 
-  - **[[http://​​products/​developer-tools-2-1|Download the free MDT]]** (and **[[http://​|purchase a headset]]**) 
-  - **Read** the Getting Started sections here on the Web (don't skip this step!): 
-    * [[What is ThinkGear?​]] 
-    * [[What is the MDT?]] 
-    * [[What kinds of applications can I develop?]] 
-  - Think about what kind of BCI-application you might be interested in developing. 
-  - **[[Which API is right for me?|Figure out which API]]** will be appropriate for your envisioned application,​ desired platform(s),​ and personal programming experience 
-  - Open up the MDT and **read the MDT Development Guide** to learn more about the API you chose in Step 2. 
-  - When you receive your MindSet in the mail, **play around with it** and its demo software 
-  - Look at some **sample code** in the MDT (and here online) for your chosen API, and **do some programming** ​ 
-  - Return here to read the **Important Concepts** sections and learn how to improve your application:​ 
-    * [[EEG/​Brainwaves]] 
-    * [[MindSet Data Types]] 
-  - **Ask** questions to other developers in the [[http://​​forum|Developer'​s Forum]] 
-  - When your game/app is playable or usable, return here to **[[NeuroSky Store|publish]]** it on the [[NeuroSky Store]] for others to download! ​ If people like it and it's useful, you can even sell it! 
-If you feel like getting serious about developing applications and games for the MindSet, feel free to jump over to the [[Professional Developers]] track any time! 

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