Casual Software or Firmware/Microcontroller Developer

If you're a developer with a tight budget or just heard about the BCI technology and just want to try things out, follow the easy steps below. Within about 20 minutes, you'll have enough of an understanding to begin BCI programming (bookmark this page as your entry page for reference, and always START on this page on future visits, and come BACK to this page after you finish each step!):

  1. Read the Getting Started sections here on the Web (don't skip this step!):
  2. Think about what kind of BCI-application you might be interested in developing.
  3. Figure out which API will be appropriate for your envisioned application, desired platform(s), and personal programming experience
  4. Open up the MDT and read the MDT Development Guide to learn more about the API you chose in Step 2.
  5. When you receive your MindSet in the mail, play around with it and its demo software
  6. Look at some sample code in the MDT (and here online) for your chosen API, and do some programming
  7. Return here to read the Important Concepts sections and learn how to improve your application:
  8. Ask questions to other developers in the Developer's Forum
  9. When your game/app is playable or usable, return here to publish it on the NeuroSky Store for others to download! If people like it and it's useful, you can even sell it!

If you feel like getting serious about developing applications and games for the MindSet, feel free to jump over to the Professional Developers track any time!

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