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This page contains a list of all available application notes for Developer Support Program customers.


Number Document Supporting files Status
NS0000 Application Note Writing Guidelines
NS0101 Pairing with a ZBA Bluetooth Module
NS0102 Thinkgear 101 for Noobs
NS0201 EKG Heart Rate Sensor
NS0202 Optimal EEG/EKG sensor placement
NS0203 Interfacing ThinkGear with Arduino (Word doc) Project Files
NS0204 Guidelines for Designing PCB for TGAT1 In Progress (Masa)
NS0301 Examples of Headset Designs
NS0302 Migration from TGEM1 to TGEM2
NS0303 Migration from TGEM2 to TGAM1
NS0304 Definitions & Interpretation of the Poor Quality Value
NS0305 Interpretation & Control of eSense Meters
NS0306 TGEM3 EEPROM Programming In Progress (Tin)
NS0401 Troubleshooting: Bluetooth
NS0402 Bluetooth pairing with the MindSet
NS0501 Headset Design Guidelines In Progress (Masa)
NS0601 Using ThinkGear with Unity Project Files
NS0602 Using Matlab function in C/C++

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