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-===== How to Setup Your Android Developer Environment ===== 
-1) Download Eclipse IDE Classic (Juno) 
-2) Install Android SDK from Google (http://​​sdk/​index.html) 
-3) In Eclipse, Help Menu --> Install New Software 
-a) Add --> Android ADT (https://​​android/​eclipse) 
-b) choose both "​Developer Tools" and "NDK Plugins"​ 
-4) In Eclipse, Windows Menu --> Android SDK Manager 
-a) choose tools 
-b) Android 2.3.3 (API10) 
-c) extras --> Google USB Driver 
-5) Download NeuroSky SDK from http://​​products/​developer-tools-3-android 
-6) Unzip the In Windows, show all hidden files. Delete all the .DS_STORE files that might be in there 
-7) Import the HelloEEG project into Eclipse. File --> Import --> Android --> Existing Android Code. Browse to /​src/​HelloEEG folder 
-8) Expand the "​Lib"​ folder in Ecplise 
-a) Right click on ThinkGear.jar 
-b) Build Path 
-c) Add to build path 
-9) Refresh eclipse. If there is still an error: delete the project, then re-add it following step 7 
-10) (optional) Add new AVD (emulator) 
-a) In Ecplise, Window menu --> AVD manager 
-b) new 
-c) AVD-10, Android 2.3.3, 65 MiB, Built in --> WVGA800 

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