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How to Setup Your Android Developer Environment

1) Download Eclipse IDE Classic (Juno)

2) Install Android SDK from Google (

3) In Eclipse, Help Menu –> Install New Software a) Add –> Android ADT ( b) choose both “Developer Tools” and “NDK Plugins”

4) In Eclipse, Windows Menu –> Android SDK Manager a) choose tools b) Android 2.3.3 (API10) c) extras –> Google USB Driver

5) Download NeuroSky SDK from

6) Unzip the In Windows, show all hidden files. Delete all the .DS_STORE files that might be in there

7) Import the HelloEEG project into Eclipse. File –> Import –> Android –> Existing Android Code. Browse to /src/HelloEEG folder

8) Expand the “Lib” folder in Ecplise a) Right click on ThinkGear.jar b) Build Path c) Add to build path

9) Refresh eclipse. If there is still an error: delete the project, then re-add it following step 7

10) (optional) Add new AVD (emulator) a) In Ecplise, Window menu –> AVD manager b) new c) AVD-10, Android 2.3.3, 65 MiB, Built in –> WVGA800

About NeuroSky

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