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10 Things to Consider when Creating a BCI Application

1. Make it easy to connect and play. If it is frustrating to connect and start playing, people will get tired of playing.

2. You should include a visual indicator to provide feedback. Controlling something with your mind is like moving a new limb. Knowing what you are doing will enable you to learn to make mental corrections. That's why visual feedback can play such an important part.

3. Consider the fact that everyone's ability will range. Everyone is different. And that's exciting. You can create applications and programs that celebrate the difference between people to provide a more specific and customized experience. So, you should remember, that one size doesn't fit all, and that you should provide ways so that if one path is too frustrating, there should be other methods.

4. Test it thoroughly. Make sure your program operates properly. Let other people try out the program and be open to feedback. Sure this is true about all development processes, but since there's such a “human” touch to brain wave input, then it is all the more important.

5. Verify your logic. Make certain that there are no logical loopholes that enable people to cheat the system. That's why utilizing the off head detector is useful towards gameplay. You should not freeze a meter at a given level if the MindSet is taken off of the head. Likewise, you would not want to enable a meter at 0 to equate towards a developmental buildup. Use all the information to provide logical gameplay.

6. Utilize all the information. The brain wave bands and raw output are useful towards creating additional environmental effects and mappings in your applications. Not everything needs to be a voluntary and direct control. Think about nuances and subtlety.

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