Bring Innovation and Monetization to your Apps

NeuroSky has developed a range of sensor technologies that read your body’s natural bio-signals. We took neuroscience and brought it into the consumer world through partnerships with some of the best and brightest. From those collaborations, we’ve helped release products such as the Mattel MindFlex and the Necomimi.

When we first engineered our technology, we knew that we had to create biosensors that were both easy to wear and affordable. But to grow even further, our technology also needs to spread – not only through consumer products, but to developers and researchers. NeuroSky made the decision to open up our toolsets and create pipelines to incentivize and reward development. Developers are publishing their apps and securing financial support for their creative projects. Through NeuroSky’s Developer Program, our best partner is you!

Try out this preview of the new ThinkGear for .NET SDK - Mental Effort and Familiarity Beta. Link

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