MindSetUWP is an open library for Universal Windows Platform (UWP) that provides a complete solution for establishing connection and processing EEG data from MindWave Mobile headset in your Windows applications (desktop or even mobile). Library is designed to be very easy to work with even by a novice developer and deployable with minimal alterations in your already working application. With only 2 extra lines of source code your project can be ready to recieve and process users brainwave data. Not only that you can work with real-time EEG readings, the library also provides built-in recording features for long-term data recording and analysis, that can be very useful in tracking.

Library is available in your Visual Studio development environment using NuGet package browser, where you can implement it into your project without any hassle. Source code and complete documentation with examples is also available in project GitHub repository. MindSetUWP can be used without any restriction, including without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute or sublicense.

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About NeuroSky

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