Philips Hue Lights

Philips Hue lights are an expressive, internet-connected way to control the lighting in your home.  At $199 for the starter pack, these lights are not your everyday bulb, but besides mood lighting, Hue Lights offer an easy to integrate component for physical computing hacks.

The way these lights work is that there is a central “Hub” that is connected to your home’s Wifi system. This Hub relays signals to Hue compatible light bulbs through the Zigbee radio frequency standards.

Custom apps interface with the Hub which in turn creates custom lighting environments by manipulating settings in the different bulbs, such as color, brightness, and warmth. There are a host of developer created apps that interface with the Hue to control the different lights that you’ve setup throughout the house.

Creating a series of Mind-Controlled lights can be done in different ways, from creating a custom app, to just working out a way to bridge the signals of the MindWave Mobile. One method is through the web-service/software, Octoblu.


Octoblu is an “internet of things” manager. It takes inputs from different sources and enables a wide control of different outputs, including the Philips Hue lights. The talented developers that developed Octoblue were able to connect the ThinkGear Connector of the MindWave Mobile and output those signals onto the Hue.

Find out more how Octoblu put together their project through this link:

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