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ThinkGear™ is the technology inside every NeuroSky product or partner product that enables the device to interface with the wearers’ brainwaves. It includes:

Both the raw brainwaves and the eSense Meters (Attention and Meditation) are calculated on the ThinkGear™ chip. The calculated values are output by the ThinkGear chip, through the headset, to a PC.

Types of data output from ThinkGear chips:


The ThinkGear technology (as an ASIC or module) is embedded into different types of headsets. NeuroSky currently sells the MindWave Mobile, the MindWave, and the MindSet headsets.


MindSet headset The MindSet is no longer available.

This was our first consumer-developer released headset. It contains a ThinkGear ASIC chip. It streams data from the ThinkGear chip over a Bluetooth connection to any computer that can receive a Bluetooth serial stream (SPP). It also comes with standard Bluetooth A2DP audio and microphone capabilities.


MindWave Headset

MindWave Mobile

MindWave Mobile headset