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There has been an update to thinkgear_testapp.c under the \ThinkGear Communications Driver\win32 directory. Included is the alternate file: thinkgear_testraw.c

The ThinkGear Communications Driver is deprecated and may no longer be updated. Mental Effort and Familiarity are not included in the ThinkGear Communications Driver.

Creating a Project

  1. Use the “Visual C/C++” > “Win32” > “Win32 Console Application” template
  2. Name the project “thinkgear_testapp”
  3. Put the new project in an existing Solution or a new Solution.
  4. Click OK.
  5. When the Win32 Application Wizard pops up, select “Application Settings”:
  6. Under Application type, make sure “Console application” is selected
  7. Under Additional options, make sure only “Empty project” is selected
  8. Under common header files, make sure nothing is selected
  9. Click Finish
  10. Use Windows Explorer to copy the “thinkgear.h”, “thinkgear.lib”, and “thinkgear_testapp.c” files we provided to the new thinkgear_testapp project directory.
  11. In Visual Studio, in the Solution Explorer, right-click on the “Source Files” folder:
  12. Select “Add” > “Existing Item…”
  13. Select the “thinkgear_testapp.c” file in the thinkgear_testapp folder
  14. Right-click on the “Header Files” folder:
  15. Select “Add” > “Existing Item…”
  16. Select the “thinkgear.h” file in the thinkgear_testapp folder
  17. Right-click on the “thinkgear_testapp” project itself:
  18. Select “Add” > “Existing Item…”
  19. Select the “thinkgear.lib” file in the thinkgear_testapp folder (you may have to change “Files of type” at the bottom to “All Files”, and then ignore any prompts to create rules)
  20. Build the project (The “thinkgear_testapp.exe” file should appear in Windows Explorer in the “SOLUTION\Debug\” folder)
  21. Use Windows Explorer to copy the “thinkgear.dll” file we provided into the same folder as the “thinkgear_testapp.exe” (“SOLUTION\Debug\”), or into any folder on your system PATH.
  22. Make sure your ThinkGear headset is connected to the computer on COM5 **.
  23. Run the “thinkgear_testapp.exe” file and watch the EEG brainwave values.
  24. Read, understand, and adapt the code in thinkgear_testapp.cpp to your project to obtain data from ThinkGear Headsets. Refer to the API documentation for details about the ThinkGear API functions.