Hacker Week

Welcome to Hacker Week. Hacks are awesome. It’s a little bit of art. A little bit of engineering. And a whole lot of creativity. Good ideas beget more good ideas. Teaching others to make interesting installations and demonstrations helps us to all grow together.  The Necomimi was borne out of a hackathon.

We are big fans of the sites, Make, Hack-a-Day, and NeuroGadget. Our products have been featured there in a number of different ways including some hacks that utilized our technology. Here are some of our favorite articles:

We’ve also joined our friends at AT&T in a number of Hacakthons. You can find out about the different Hacakthon events that AT&T holds through their principle events posting. This week, AT&T will also be holding Bootstrap Week. On Thursday, May 23, NeuroSky will be in an info-session to discuss Universal Mind Control (title of which is a totally random reference to this hip-hop album).

So, look forward to a week that mashes our technology up with some other surprising technology that we think is wicked-awesome. (Also, we’ll be catching up on some missing past week’s articles as well.)


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