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-===== MDT ===== 
-The MindSet Development Tools are a set of software tools that make it easy to create innovative applications based on a user’s brainwaves and mental state. The MDT includes: 
-==== ThinkGear Connection Driver ==== 
-The ThinkGear Connection Driver (TGCD) is a native Windows and OS X library that handles all the "heavy lifting"​ of interacting with a MindSet, from setting up the connection to interpreting the data stream received from the MindSet. The API exposed by TGCD is extremely simple. 
-TGCD is distributed as a .DLL (for Windows) and a .bundle (for OS X), making it suitable for applications written in C or C derivatives (i.e. C++, C#, or Objective-C). 
-    * Windows and OS X binaries 
-    * Compiled library (.DLL / .bundle) 
-    * Good for C / C++ / C# / Objective-C 
-    * Easy-to-use APIs 
-==== ThinkGear Connector ==== 
-The ThinkGear Connector (TGC) is a software program -- analogous to a socket server -- that runs as a background process on your computer and is responsible for directing MindSet data from the serial port to an open network socket. It is available on both Windows and OS X. Any language or framework that contains a socket library should be able to communicate with it. TGC is an ideal option for developers working in frameworks like Adobe Flash. 
-TGC also contains a "​Headset-less mode" of operation, enabling developers without MindSets to get a head-start on integrating brainwave-sensing capabilities into their applications. 
-    * Windows and OS X executables 
-    * Uses socket APIs 
-    * Headset-less development mode 
-    * Ideal for scripting languages like Flash / Python / Ruby 
-==== MindSet Communications Protocol ==== 
-For developers who want to integrate MindSet functionality in an embedded environment or for those developer who want to delve into the inner workings of the data stream transmitted by the MindSet, we provide the full specification for the MindSet data stream, as well as source code for an implementation of the ThinkGear packet parser in ANSI C. Developers can drop this source code into their projects without having to worry about their compilation environments. 
-    * ANSI C source code for a full parser 
-    * Great for microcontroller projects, ie. Arduino-based Kits 
 ===== MindSet Research Tools ===== ===== MindSet Research Tools =====
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     * High-resolution graphs of raw MindSet sensor output     * High-resolution graphs of raw MindSet sensor output
-==== NeuroSkyLab ==== 
-NeuroSkyLab is targeted at the EEG researcher who is familiar with the MATLAB environment. For those comfortable with MATLAB scripting, NeuroSkyLab provides much more powerful capabilities than NeuroView in terms of customization and real-time data viewing and analysis. 
-    * MATLAB library for Windows 
-    * Playback recorded data 
-    * Apply custom filters, graphing tools, or classifiers 
-    * Export data into EEGLAB for further analysis 

About NeuroSky

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