Hardware/Headset/Toys Developer

For companies interested in designing their own headsets and toys for mass production, this is the track for you. It was through this process that Mattel and Uncle Milton developed their MindFlex and Force Trainer toys respectively, which are now on store shelves. Here's what to do:

  1. Contact our Sales Department to discuss your proposed project concept, resources, and volume discounts that might be available for your project
  2. Purchase the flexible MindKit Pro package, which includes a customizable MindSet Pro headset, support, and access to ThinkGear hardware modules and chips that can be embedded within your design
  3. Work closely and directly with NeuroSky engineers and sales reps, who will personally assist you through each step of your BCI development process, from legal agreements, to setup, to design, to research, to development, to testing, to sales and marketing recommendations and best practices